This Is What We Do

Below are actual steps in The Simple Global process

You send your products to our warehouse in
bulk for storage and fulfillment...
...We receive, catalog and categorize your
product, and give you inventory visibility....
...Your customer navigates to your website, adds items to your cart, and checks out...
...We receive the order request electronically
and select the item(s) from our shelves...
...Package your product with our packaging
material and place a shipping label...
...Clear the package for export by ensuring no prohibited items...
...Ship the package to your customer, regardless
of where they live.

How Do I Start?

Before we can SimpleGlobal Fulfill, we have to do some back-end work:

You provide us with a data feed of the
products you sell online that includes images,
product descriptions, and prices...
...We assign detailed HS codes
(tariff nomenclature) for each country your
products will sell into...
...Based on these codes, we will estimate how much duties and taxes
will be charged by customs...
...We select a shipper, either a
well-known courier, or our proprietary
SimpleGlobal Shipping...
...We combine all of the info into our
database and integrate
it with your website...
...Integration is complete, now orders
placed on your website are
processed in our warehouse...
...We integrate and test the link
between our back-end
systems and yours...
...Now you are ready to go Global! Need

Merchandising Service

Our team will list and manage your products across these sales channels:

  • Marketplace sites

    - Others -
  • Comparison shopping Sites

    - Others -
  • Affiliate Networks

    - Others -

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