The ecommerce landscape is constantly changing. The moment you think you have it all figured out, a new trend emerges, and new opportunities (or in some cases, challenges) arise. To keep from falling behind, we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 eCommerce trends to try in 2018.

While staying current can help you identify new opportunities for growth, it’s how you weave them into your overall strategy that defines success.


“Ok Google, where can I buy…?”

2017 was the year voice-enabled speakers made some noise. Don’t believe us? These numbers speak for themselves:

The message is loud and clear – Voice shopping is here to stay in 2018, paving the way for a new mode of shopping. Gone are the days of focusing solely on a well-defined SEO strategy, now you must optimize your online business or store for digital search and voice search.


That’s right – A-Commerce.

Sure, the landscape of eCommerce changes frequently, but aCommerce is a whole new world. Augmented reality adds an exciting new dimension to eCommerce. When the real world is layered with information from the digital world – An interactive reality is born that enhances a buyer’s experience and their feeling towards a product.

“40% would be willing to pay more for a product if they could experience it through augmented reality,” according to Retail Perceptions.


The next level of instant gratification.

Cord-cutters rejoice! The next evolution of shopping television is, you guessed it, social shopping – Think friends, reviews, discussions and photo sharing focused solely on shopping in one convenient place. Social shopping is like the friend that can find the perfect outfit before you even try it on, and one critical ecommerce trend for 2018.

Nielsen reports that recommendations from friends are the most credible form of advertising among consumers, with 83% surveyed saying they trust the endorsements from friends and family.

… Ya, we’re sold too.


A buzzword that’s worthy of all the buzz.

Machine learning is when big data is broken down to pinpoint buying patterns and behaviors that get more bang for your eCommerce dollar. We call it a form of magic.

By sifting through data, experimenting and optimizing to find those golden nuggets, eCommerce companies gain insight into which segments to spend their marketing budget and resources, and how. The end result isn’t what’s revolutionary here – It’s the process that is. Prior to machine learning, companies employed data scientists and statisticians to do all this work. Hello revolutionary technology, goodbye laborious data mining.


Fulfilling basic needs.

Not a buzzword or revolutionary, but forecasted in many 2018 eCommerce trends reports is order fulfillment. Each of the trends listed above has one thing in common: They’re expected to bring even more volume to eCommerce sites. What good is increasing orders if you’re not able to act on them in a timely manner?

Now more than ever, getting your order fulfillment ducks in a row couldn’t be more critical. In this digital age, a bad review can wreak havoc  – Partnering with an order fulfillment company ensures every purchase results in a happy, repeat customer.