Warehouse Kitting and Packaging Services

At Simple Global, we offer our customers kitting and packaging services to streamline the packing process and keep shipping costs as low as possible. Not only do we provide flexible warehouse solutions, fulfillment operations, and inventory management, but we also have significant warehouse kitting experience.

What is Warehouse Kitting and Packaging?

Put simply, kitting involves combining multiple products (or SKUs) into one package that is considered one SKU. For example, if you sell gloves, hats, and scarves online, each product, size, and color would have its own SKU. However, you might sell a package that includes one of each—a pair of gloves, a hat and a scarf—at a discounted price which is then considered a product in its own right, and therefore has its own SKU. Our dedicated team of logistics professionals at Simple Global will carefully pick and pack your kits for you (either using our packaging on your own branded packaging), and our warehouse management system, ONE, will accurately track inventory whether products are sold individually or as kits, so you will always know exactly how much of each product you have in our five global fulfillment centers.

Benefits Of Using Kitting and Packaging Services

Faster Assembly

When we take on the kitting and packaging for you, you will benefit from a much faster picking and packing time than you would be able to manage if doing it yourself, in-house. We pre-pick and package the most popular kits so they are ready to ship out right away, rather than picking and packing them individually. You benefit from reduced costs through labor efficiency and we can easily manage order volume surges with pre-assembled kits.

Fewer Shipping Mistakes

When only one package is being shipped, there is a reduced likelihood of any errors within the order fulfillment process. In addition, with pre-packaging of popular kits, you will benefit from increased order accuracy through mass assembly.

More Cost-Effective Packaging

Kitting products allows for more efficient and cost-effective packaging. For example, instead of packing individual parts into a standard-sized box, custom boxes can be used for popular kits to reduce the size and weight of the packages.

More Sales for Your Business

Kitting can be a great way to offload some inventory that is hard to sell, or when you need to make room for new inventory, something many online retailers must do as the seasons change. Bundle the items you want to move quickly with more popular items and offer them as a discount package!

Simple Global has been an integral part of our success and ability to scale effectively. We trust them to handle our logistics and supply chain while we focus on growing our business.

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