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A warehouse is a central location for your inventory to be stored, managed, and shipped out to your customers. It becomes the focal point of your backend operations, which acts as the backbone of your business. In this article, we’ll cover multiple aspects of what makes a successful warehouse fulfillment process and how your business can improve warehouse efficiencies.

analyzing your warehouse efficiency simple global

How to Track Warehouse Efficiency


A warehouse audit is an inspection performed by warehouse managers and leadership teams to assess performance and efficiency. Warehouse audits are put in place to protect your bottom line by ensuring safety protocols are followed, inventory is accurately counted, and operations run smoothly. This will also help you know which improvements are necessary to reach optimal success.


KPIs or Key Performance Indicators are a set of measurements used to assess a company or warehouse’s overall (long-term) performance. This helps to determine strategic, financial, and operational achievements, and compare them to other businesses in the same industry.

WMS Integration

Implementing a WMS means you can track your inventory in real-time, with full visibility into all warehouse operations. This means that every aspect of your warehouse will become structured, organized, and coordinated for better efficiency. This also means better efficiency for picking, packing, and shipping.

Automation with WMS

The inventory replenishment strategy allows you to use WMS technology to its full extent by automating the process. Having an inventory replenishment strategy in place helps prevent stockouts and even overstocking – which would result in an accumulation of unmoving stock and costly percussions.

Pick, Pack & Ship Affordably
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Partnering with an acclaimed 3PL order fulfillment company like Simple Global lets you distribute your products worldwide with our global fulfillment centers, which include fast shipping and full efficiency in order fulfillment operations.

You’ll be able to integrate your e-commerce business with our WMS, and receive full visibility throughout your entire supply chain. Our real-time inventory visibility enables you to maximize pick and pack efficiency, and stay on top of warehouse productivity.

Simple Global will boost your order fulfillment sector, and maximize the success of your overall operations, leading to a scaling and globally expanding e-commerce business.

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