We are pleased to introduce an exciting new shipping option, the Globegistics ePacket Duty Paid to Canada.

This cost-effective solution provides real benefits that will increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. With this new service, your Canadian customers will be able to receive their orders without paying customs duties and taxes—neither you nor your customer is responsible for paying these fees, ever! If duties and collection fees are assessed by Canadian customs, Globegistics will pay them.

In addition to savings on shipping of up to 45%, this service provides end-to-end tracking, a must for many customers.

Changes to the Service

Packages shipping via Globegistics ePacket Duty Paid cannot be processed in LAX. Therefore, any packages shipped from the Simple Global California fulfillment center using this service will instead be routed through the Chicago facility. 

While this doesn’t affect the time it takes to ship from Delaware, it will add 1-3 days lead time to all orders shipped via Globegistics from the Simple Global California fulfillment center.

Start Using the New Service

Please contact us to start using the new ePacket Duty Paid. We think your Canadian customers will be delighted with the savings!