What is Bond Touch?

Bond Touch is a project from the team at Impossible.com. Lead by COO Christoph Dressel and CEO Kwame Ferreira, the Impossible team aims to help solve meaningful problems and guide global change. Among their many projects are Bond Touch bracelets, which allow loved ones to share emotional connectivity over great distances.

Bond Touch bracelets come in synched pairs. When worn, one person can touch their bracelet, and their loved one wearing the matching bracelet will feel a vibration no matter where they are in the world. It is a way to show your loved one you are thinking of them, closing the distance between you.

After some initial difficulties getting funded, Bond Touch gained traction when they appeared on 9GAG’s main page in September of 2015. Large numbers of people began reaching out to the team, interested in the concept. With the forward momentum spurred by this viral interest, they were able to launch pre-sales for their bracelets in 2017.

The Fulfillment Challenge

When launching their brand, Bond Touch needed an easy and efficient way to get their bracelets into the hands of their customers. Chris Dressel, Impossible’s COO, started looking for a fulfillment company that would suit their needs. It was important to him to find a company that could:

  • Offer simple, transparent fulfillment services
  • Integrate easily with the Shopify platform
  • Provide efficient, affordable fulfillment to both U.S. and European customers

Mr. Dressel consulted a friend who had done extensive online research into fulfillment providers. Together, they discussed Bond Touch’s fulfillment requirements and determined the best option.

The Simple Global Solution

Ultimately, Dressel and his colleagues at Bond Touch settled on Simple Global, a fulfillment service provider and a partner with whom they could scale globally. Simple Global satisfied their need for easy integration with Shopify. They provided not only efficient and high-quality fulfillment, but also the cloud-based inventory and order management technology a modern e-commerce brand like Bond Touch needs.

Dressel was impressed with Simple Global’s ability to:

  • Provide services that are straight-forward and transparent
  • Offer simple solutions that cover all Bond Touch’s basic fulfillment needs
  • Allow Bond Touch to choose from a variety of shipping providers and options
  • Offer low, competitive pricing

Dressel stressed that the biggest advantage he saw working with Simple Global was the company’s ability to keep things simple and easy while still managing to provide the fulfillment/logistics services necessary to move the business forward.

He was also delighted by the exemplary service provided by the Customer Success Manager assigned to Bond Touch. According to Dressel, she was “like a machine” and went above and beyond to facilitate the Shopify integration and take care of their every need. Furthermore, if any issues arose that needed to be escalated, those issues were resolved quickly and compassionately by Simple Global’s accessible and client-focused leadership.

Growing Together

Dressel has stated that he is “eternally grateful” for everything Simple Global has done for Bond Touch. He said the brand wouldn’t have achieved the success they’ve experienced without Simple Global’s help.

The team at Simple Global is proud to serve the needs of Bond Touch and all our present and future clients.  If you need order fulfillment help for your e-ecommerce brand, contact us today for a free consultation.