A 3PL, or Third Party Logistics Provider, is a company that provides logistics services (such as warehousing, shipping, and/or order fulfillment) to other businesses. Once your e-commerce business reaches the size where you can no longer comfortably keep up with your daily orders, you probably need to start looking at 3PLs. Logistics providers come in all shapes and sizes, and they don’t all offer exactly the same services. But, in general, you can expect a 3PL to provide some combination of the following:

3PL - Warehouse

Receiving, Warehousing and Storage

Once your business has grown to a certain size, you’ll need somewhere to store your inventory. Unless you’re a major retailer, chances are you don’t need an entire warehouse of your own. That’s where 3PLs come in. Just submit an ASN (Advance Shipping Notification) if required, and ship your inventory to the 3PL’s warehouse/fulfillment center. Once your products arrive, your 3PL will scan and store them so they’re ready to ship when orders come in.

Inventory Management

Of course, in order to keep track of and manage your inventory, you’ll need some powerful software. Any good 3PL will have an integrated logistics platform that allows you to upload product information, manage incoming orders, see how much inventory is in stock at any given time, and set your shipping and returns options. Ideally, the system will integrate with a variety of online shopping carts, like Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, and others. That way, when a customer visits your online store and makes a purchase, their order will instantly transfer to the order management platform for fast order fulfillment.

Order Picking and Packing

When an order comes in from your online store, employees at the 3PL’s fulfillment center will pick the items ordered from the warehouse shelves and pack them according to the 3PL’s procedures, taking into account any specific packing requirements you have. As logistics experts, your 3PL will choose appropriate packaging to protect your items in transit, while also avoiding excess packaging in order to achieve the lowest possible dimensional weight. (Also, don’t underestimate the ways in which adding some flair to your basic packaging can enhance the customer experience. A great unboxing experience adds excitement to the purchase and leads to happier and more loyal customers!)

3PL - Shipping

Transportation and Shipping Coordination

Once an order has been picked and packed, it has to be shipped to your customer. Top tier 3PLs can ship an order the same day it’s received or (at the latest) the next business day. Your 3PL will work with you to determine which shipping carriers and services you prefer to use, or you can rely on their expertise to choose the best options for your brand.

Order Tracking

After the order has shipped, the 3PL can provide the carrier’s tracking number. Often, the 3PL’s integrated logistics platform automatically sends tracking details to your online store, where your customers can easily view them.

3PL - Returns

Returns Processing

Did you know that 80% of online customers say they would be unlikely to buy from the same vendor again if returns are not easy? Returns shouldn’t be painful for you or your customers. Most 3PL inventory management platforms will let you set up a returns profile so that the system can automatically approve or deny returns based on your policy.

Customer Service

Your customers are your most important asset. But answering their questions and solving their issues can be a time-consuming endeavor for businesses of any size. If you have the time and resources, you could handle customer inquiries in-house. Sometimes, however, it makes more sense to outsource. While not traditionally the role of a 3PL, some logistics providers have the ability to take customer support off your hands. If they offer this service, they will learn your products and policies inside and out. And they’ll handle your customers’ inquiries with as much attention and care as you would yourself.

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